Bayport Travel Team Tryouts:

  • Boys born in 2002/03/04
  • Wednesdays 6/1 and 6/8
  • 630-8pm at Baymen Soccer fields
  • Location: 500 Cherry Avenue, West Sayville, NY 11796
  • Contact: Eddie Hackett – 

All boys born in 2005/06/07/08 should pre register and attend the SUSA pre academy tryouts.

  • From the SUSA pre academy tryouts we will field as many teams as possible based on the number of players looking to join the club.
  • The top team in each age group will be a professionally coached pre academy team
  • Second teams in each age group will either be a second professionally coached pre academy team, or a local parent coached/professionally trained travel team based on player and parent demand and level of play.
  • If we can field a third team in any age group we will do so.
  • In all age groups we need volunteers to help manage the team as parent admins.
  • If you are interested in volunteering at the team or the club level, please contact our club DOC, Eddie Hackett

We offer tryouts for all three levels of travel play at Baymen Soccer Club:

  • Baymen Interleague
  • Bayport Travel
  • SUSA FC Academy Teams

Baymen Inter-league is generally the least investment in terms of time and monetary commitment. You are coached by a parent volunteer that has completed the ENY Soccer Risk Management program. Travel is generally kept to a maximum of a 30 minute drive from the club. Practice is at the team and coaches direction. This is a similar to the level that you would find in recreational soccer but for older age groups.

Bayport Travel is our in house Travel Soccer Program. The level here can be mildly competitive to highly competitive. It really depends on the level of expertise your coach has. These teams are often coached by a parent volunteer that has completed the ENY Soccer Risk Management program and has some soccer coaching experience. It is also a common practice for the coach to hire a trainer to train and or coach the team. The time commitment is generally 1-2 practices per week, a game a week for 8-10 weeks in the spring and in the fall. There might also be additional games in the form of “Cup” competitions which are spread over a few week period. That might lead to more than one game in a weekend.

SUSA FC Academy play is for the highly skilled and committed individuals. This program is for the most committed both in terms of time and financially. A SUSA Academy team, depending on the age group, generally will cost about $110 to $175 per month or more which is competitively priced in the local academy marketplace. It is recommended for highly skilled and committed individuals that want to play soccer full time. For more information about SUSA Academy click here. Players can attend any open practice session within their age group.

Please contact our Baymen Soccer Club Director of Coaching, Eddie Hackett, to learn more:

If you are an existing SUSA FC Bayport, or Bayport Travel player, you can attend any tryout within your age group. If you have any questions about the tryouts, please contact your current team coach for guidance or email our DOC Eddie Hackett for more information. The SUSA FC Alliance and United tryouts are a separate tryout for any player with the desire to play on a top premier/select team in their age group. In some younger age groups the SUSA FC Alliance team is in addition to the club team, in other age groups these are full time teams (meaning players only play on the SUSA FC Alliance)


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